Fitbit Inspire 2 Review

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a perfect example of simplicity done well.  No need for the unnecessary faff.  If you just want a great fitness tracking smartwatch to give you a bit of motivation, with an affordable price-tag, then look no further!

Fitbit Inspire 2 Review


With its simple and unfussy style, the Fitbit Inspire 2 has a classic, more premium look than most other smartwatches within its price bracket. The edges are curvier than the original and it’s been slimmed down, making it comfortable and lightweight.

As you’d expect from Fitbit, the straps are inter-changeable, so you can switch up your styles to your heart’s content.  Luckily, you’re spoilt for choice with our wide range of beautiful Fitbit Inspire 2 Straps which enables you to create whichever look you fancy – sporty, trendy, casual, office-wear, classic, high-end…we’ve got it all covered, so get scrolling!


Unlike the original, the Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with heart rate monitoring available to everyone, which is a welcome improvement.  It’s a multi sports tracker with a whole host of metrics at your disposal, enabling you to monitor and log all sorts of statistics, such as acceleration, step counts (or counts of any movements, e.g. jumps, push-ups, etc), distance travelled, calories expended, water and caffeine intake, weight fluctuations and menstrual cycle, to name just some.  This clever little device automatically detects activities done during the day from a wide range of activities and stores the information.

Sleep can also be monitored and broken down into different stages, giving a handy in-depth overview of your slumbers, in terms of both quantity and quality, with an overall sleep quality score awarded per night, to help you work out where you’re going right or wrong.  Like a nagging parent or partner, it’ll even tell you when it’s time for bed – it’s a bit of a party pooper in that sense, but I guess we all need a bit of sensible advice and a nudge in the right direction every now and then.

In the same way, the Fitbit Inspire 2 offers words of encouragement to motivate the user throughout the day.  It’s debatable whether this is a good or a bad function, depending on whether it’s been a good or a bad day exercise-wise.  You can go from hero, on an exercise filled day, to zero on a duvet day.  On balance though, I found it encouraging and helpful.  Plus, call me easily amused, but I enjoyed the little virtual fireworks display I was treated to when I’d done a good job!

You also have the ability to set timers and notifications, making for a user-friendly experience.


In addition to some of the plus points mentioned above, this smartwatch has an excellent battery life and quick charging capabilities.  It’s reliable and accurate when it comes to logging exercise and providing general health insights; reviewing the statistics on the app enables you to easily collate and process workout and health data.  For example, after going for a run, you get a map of your route, with feedback on your pace and heart rate overlaid onto it, together with a time chart.  I was impressed by the thorough overview, which I found gave a valuable insight into how hard I’d been working at every step of the way.

I also liked the extras, such as water consumption and menstruation cycle tracking, plus the features for setting wellness and mindfulness goals and identifying what aspects of your life cause you the most stress.  Stress levels were unsurprisingly high during a Zoom meeting with my boss, however, not all stress causing factors are quite so obvious.

Last, but not least, the sheer affordability of the Fitbit Inspire 2 makes it an attractive prospect, particularly when you consider the level of quality you get for your money.  The year of complimentary Fitbit Premium subscription is an added bonus too.


I did discover a few small issues.  As usual with Fitbit, a subscription to Fitbit Premium was required to unlock some of the best bits.  Design-wise, I found the screen a tad too small to maximise some of the features and, at times, I was left squinting at the screen in an effort to read all of the information, particularly during exercise.  The display itself was a little disappointing. I found it nondescript and dull, unlike some of its more colourful rivals.

Another disappointment is the lack of in-built GPS tracking and advanced health sensors for blood oxygen monitoring and ECG reading.  You can’t expect to have it all at this price though, I guess.


Not a major overhaul of the original, but the Fitbit Inspire 2 does come with a few welcome extras and is great for basic health metrics, automatic workout tracking and accurate sleep monitoring.  Making it the perfect all-rounder for beginners who appreciate a bit of motivation from their gadgets.

For this reason, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is sitting pretty at the top of its budget price range.

Written By Laura