Fitbit Versa 4 Review

There are no surprises design-wise, but why mess around with a winning formula?! The Versa 4 offers the same unique, characterful, cute and quirky design we’ve come to know and love from Fitbit.  But, if you’re as much of a fan as I am of Fitbit’s distinct squircular style, then you certainly won’t be disappointed by the lack of style changes here.  Add a premium OLED screen, providing a crisp, bright and colourful display to the mix and it’s a definite thumbs up from me!

Full points are also awarded for functionality.  The newly adapted interface makes for a fuss-free, simple, and delightfully user-friendly experience.  I was particularly impressed by the addition of a physical button, which provides much better accessibility and accuracy than previous models.

A tweaked version of the Versa 3, it’s fair to say that the Versa 4 is more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch.  It offers a plentiful selection of dedicated fitness functions, but with a superficial smattering of smartwatch capabilities, which may well be enough for most users.

Fitness-wise, having retained all the main fitness capabilities required by the average casual user, the Versa 4 boasts GPS, an optical heart rate sensor and an altimeter.  Plus, when it comes to heart rate tracking, it’s good to see that improvements have undoubtedly been made.  Whilst the Versa 4 remains arguably less pinpoint accurate than some of its big-name rivals, I did find the heart rate sensors were reliable and, generally speaking, moderately accurate. 

This model also offers water resistance up to 50 metres, making it the perfect fitness tracker for swimmers and fans of water sports.  And, regardless of whether you’re a swimmer or not, it’s useful to know that your watch will survive a soaking in the shower with no problem at all.

When it comes to smartwatch capabilities, the Versa 4 has a respectable amount to offer.  It supports Amazon Alexa, meaning you can summon Alexa to assist you with a simple long-press of the side-button.  Alexa will then enable you to carry out various functions, including setting alarms and commencing workouts. She will even provide text answers to questions asked - a nifty little support feature which gave me an inordinate amount of pleasure!

The Versa 4 displays its smarter features and notifications in a pleasing, eye-catching way, making it not just aesthetically pleasant but also simpler to get the best from its functions.

Another welcome smart feature is the Versa 4’s ability to make wireless payments, via Fitbit Pay.  So, there’s no need to get weighed down by your wallet when you’re out for a run.

The Versa 4 is significantly lower maintenance than an Apple watch.  The great battery life (in the default mode) means that a single charge will last slightly more than 6 days - Very impressive indeed, especially if you’re off on a hike for a few days and forget your charger!

A few little gripes include the lack of third-party applications, lack of music support and the fact that the integrated speaker is not of an optimum quality.  However, these factors certainly needn’t be a deal-breaker for everyone.  These niggles aside, the Versa 4 is a stylish, solid offering for those seeking a fitness watch with a few smartwatch extras thrown in!

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